In the Community
Character Counts

All the Time!

That is the message of the National Character Counts Coalition of which we have been a member since 1996. 
We couldn't agree more!

Character development doesn't end at the schoolhouse door.  Young people aren't going to buy into a philosophy if they don't see adults demonstrating it in their daily lives.

To that end,
Character Counts Mid Shore makes available a variety of strategies that can help adults come to terms with the important position of
"Role Model".

Staff Trainings
Whether for school teachers and administrators or business executives, Character Counts in the workplace too.

Community Partnerships
Character Counts Mid Shore fosters relationships between the businesses, schools,
service organizations and youth activities. Businesses have formed the backbone of our Winners Walk Tall Program by providing dozens and dozens of volunteer coaches. Businesses and Foundations have also gone to bat for Character Counts, assisting with the purchase of Character Counts resources for students, sponsoring activities and providing services at no cost.