Gifts that Power Transformation

In 2019, nearly 80% of Character Counts Mid Shore's income came from gifts larger than $1,000. Gifts of this size are more than donations; they are the keys that open the doors to student and community transformation. 

Simply put, our work would not be possible without the incredible generosity of those who have the capacity to give transformational gifts. Are you willing to partner with us to change lives?

Explore Ways to Invest in Transformation

I would like to...
Support CCMS today AND
Receive a charitable income-tax deducation
I would like to...
Support CCMS through a significant future gift without affecting my current lifestyle
I would like to...
Support CCMS without depleting my cash reserves AND
avoid capital gains tax
I would like to...
Leave assets to CCMS and my heirs upon my passing, but aren't sure what to leave to whom
I would like to...
Support CCMS AND
fulfill minimum distribution requirements on my retirement account to avoid being taxed on my IRA
I would like to...
Support CCMS AND
minimize taxes on a business I own

We are grateful for your consideration of making a charitable gift capable of great impact. We are here to assist you in your decision-making process on this matter of great importance.

If you would like to discuss, please reach out via email or phone (410) 819-0386.

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