Character Counts Mid Shore is excited to announce a new branch of programming named The Citizenship Center at Character Counts Mid Shore. The goal of the Citizenship Center is to develop the future leaders of the Mid Shore through engaging diverse cohorts of high school students in hands-on civic learning and action-oriented skill-building. The need for such a program is well documented and its best practices and benefits well researched. 

The Citizenship Center at Character Counts Mid Shore will:

  • ensure maximum impact with a framework informed by research-proven methodologies;

  • build upon and reinforce the Common Core, College and Career Readiness, and C3 Framework academic standards required by the Maryland State Department of Education; 

  • stay true to Character Counts Mid Shore’s mission through the integration of the Six Pillars of Character, while also integrating’s Six Dimensions of Citizenship;

  • push beyond theoretical knowledge into real civic action, thereby developing student metacognitive skills by requiring student reflection on and application of learnings; and

  • serve as a critical pathway for the cradle-to-career success of Mid Shore students interested in careers in social activism, civic leadership, and the public sector.

Learn more about The Citizenship Center at Character Counts Mid Shore by flipping through the booklet below.

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