Six Pillars Century Registration Now OPEN!

Registration for our annual 37-mile, 56-mile, and 100-mile cycling fundraiser is open!

We invite you to register for one of the first rides of the cycling season, Character Counts Mid Shore's annual Six Pillars Century: 2020 Blackwater Tour. This cycling event takes riders through the scenic back roads of picturesque Blackwater Wildlife Refuge in Dorchester County, MD.

Riders have a choice of three great, FLAT rides:

• 37 miles -- great for the whole family!

• the famous 56-mile Ironman Eagleman course

• our beautiful 100-mile century course that takes you through quaint townships along the Chesapeake Bay and back through serene woodlands.

The 56-mile course follows the same path as the Ironman Eagleman course, making it a wonderful practice run if you are training for that event later in the season.

More information at and here is the link to register.