Support for Parents & Caregivers In This Uncertain Time

Dear Friends,

I want to share a note of support to the parents of the young people we care about so deeply at Character Counts Mid Shore, Inc. We have had the privilege, for 22 years, to get to know and love the children of the mid-shore. Alongside CCMS' Board of Directors and our many volunteers, we are not only interested in making sure that Character Counts lessons are taught and that this organization has the resources it needs to continue. We are also parents, grandparents, and caregivers. Many of us feel the sting of these uncertain times and what it means to provide calming consistency for the young people we love.

As a parent, I will confess that I have not yet discussed with my children (ages 6, 5, and 4) specifically why their school days have been canceled. This is partially because our family includes children on the Autism spectrum; in our family, anxiety is brought on by uncertainty and change.

It is also because we, as parents, haven't quite known what to say.

I'm sharing the excellent article linked below for all who, like me, are still just feeling a little bit unsure how to share this heavy news with young ones while also being a source of calm and hope for the young people we love.

"There’s no playbook for this scenario, and many parents are struggling with their own anxiety, whether it’s over the virus itself or the measures in place to reduce its spread, many of which will have disastrous financial consequences on a big and small scale. Add to that the stress of being confined to home with little ones and having to explain, probably repeatedly, why they can’t have friends over or play at the playground, museum or other favorite haunt, and simply getting from one day to the next is the best most of us can hope for."

With hope for brighter days,

Lauren Kay Weber Executive Director

Parenting in the time of coronavirus is tough. Talking to your kids openly, empathizing with them and creating a schedule can help.