Talbot Spy Interview: Character Really Does Count During a Pandemic

We were privileged to sit down with Dave Wheelan, editor of the Talbot Spy, to discuss the enduring importance of character... especially in strange times such as these!

From the article:

It only takes a trip to the local grocery store these days to witness someone's character or the lack thereof. Just a brief look at the empty paper products aisle in the ACME will show a telltale sign of unmanaged anxiety, causing more than a few of us to lose that moral compass. And as this crisis continues to develop every day, it is increasingly clear that character does indeed count during a pandemic.
That's why the Spy reached out to Lauren Kay Weber, the new executive director of Character Counts Mid Shore the other day. While Character Counts in well known and respected for their work with public school students, this essential quality can be taught to anyone, regardless of their age.
In our Spy interview, Lauren addresses the role of character in the age of the coronavirus.

To view the short article and video on The Talbot Spy's page, click here.